Learn how to write a song with hit potential

Do you need some tips or help to improve your songwriting skills? Are you looking to make an income from your songs?

This site is focused on one thing and one thing only. To help you become a more successful composer.

The idea behind this Web site is to offer the kind of "helping hand" that I was looking for when I started out 20 years ago.This site offers tools, tips and articles to help you to your next level. I will take you behind the curtain and show you how most professional composers think and how the music business works.

I will give you some keys to success. I will also show you which steps to take to get your song heard (and hopefully signed) by the industry professionals. And best of all: All the information on this site is free.

Welcome aboard,

your friend Tor

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Can you make a living from your dream if you learn the skills on how to write a song?

In this site I will give you the advices and "rules" which have made many of my students professional composers. Becoming a professional composer is 99 percent skills that needs to be learned, and 1 percent talent. If you're committed to your dream you can learn how to become a professional in this area, but it will take time and hard work.

Besides from learning the craft I will also introduce you to how the music business works. When you have written a song with a hit potential you're on your way, but you still need to learn where to take your song and which opportunities are out there so the artist can hear your work and decide to use it. I will try to cover every aspect of this area so you can fulfill your dream.

Good luck, and keep working.

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