Knowing If Your Fake Urine Purchase Will Pass the Drug Test

With the frequency of employers requiring a drug test prior to and during employment going up, comes an increase in the demand for synthetic urine. Along with that demand comes manufacturers that are more than willing to fill the market with fake pee for a drug test. However, with drug tests constantly evolving, it’s hard to say when a certain strain is going to no longer work. So, how do you know that the fake pee you are purchasing will help you pass the drug test? Hopefully, this helps you understand.


Yes, fake pee does help people pass drug tests all of the time. There are certain circumstances though that must be met. First of all, a high-quality brand has to be purchased. With the proper professionals creating the urine in a lab, you can be more confident that they have included all of the components that are found in real pee.

Secondly, you have to know that you can get the fake urine from the container you have it in, to the testing container. In the majority of drug screenings, there is someone that stands in close proximity to whoever is taking the test in hopes to prevent people from using synthetic urine.


There are several factors that must be met before you can be positive that the fake pee will work effectively. If you know that there is absolutely no way that you will pass a drug test with your own urine, using the fake product is going to be a better option. Or you can also learn how to make a whizzinator.

Secondly, spend the extra money and get a high-quality kit. The cheaper versions have been used up and picked out by the drug testing companies, so they are now incapable of passing most screenings. If you are positive that the test is not going to be supervised, you can go ahead and use your purchase as well. You won’t have to worry about anyone spotting you make the unnatural deposit.

Finally, if you know your test will be supervised but you can use one of the many masking efforts like hiding it in your undergarments or using a fake urinator, it would be more likely that you can sneak the fake pee in.How do you know that the fake pee you are purchasing will help you pass the drug test? It’s up to you to make the high-quality purchase and ensure that you are going to be able to get it past the drug screen taker. Only if the conditions match what has been mentioned can you be completely confident in what you’ve bought.