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Money, Music & Success: Getting Started as an Independent Music Publisher

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self publishing music
The music business is one of the best industries in order for someone to become rich and successful based on the creativity of an individual.

If you are wondering how to become one of those people that have made lots of money in the independent music publishing industry, we have some facts that may pique your interest. self publishing music

Music Publishing Today

It wasn’t too long ago that you had to be part of a certain clique or network in order to succeed as a music publisher. Today it is not as closed an industry as it was in the past.

More independent music publishers are making their mark in the industry without having the “right” connections to the good ole boy network.

Many successful independent music publishers begin their career with a minimal investment as long they have a clear plan as to how they are going to go about starting and maintaining their business. A bit of training as to music software is all you need in order to get started. self publishing music

The Music You Seek

You will have to decide which of the many genres of music you will be representing. Do you intend to represent your own music or do you seek to publish for other artists. Will you be dealing with those that write only lyrics or music or do you want to involve yourself with music arrangers?

There are those companies that specialize in a particular niche such as Jazz, Hip-Hop or Rock and Roll while other, much larger companies can represent many more music genres.

When you are planning on representing just your work, you will need to have a steady supply of product in order to make money. If you decide you want to expand and represent other music artists, you will have to have a plan that will help you net artists that have not just a little bit of talent.

Representing music in just one or two niches is the perfect way to get started in the independent music publishing industry. If a piece is needed in the jazz niche, the person seeking that type of music will not browse any other category. Choose one or two popular genres and become proficient and have good products in these niches before you decide to add others to your catalog. self publishing music

Legal Isses

You may have to do a lot of research in the area of legal issues, contracts and copyrights. The last thing you want to do is step on someone else’s toes. You also want to be sure that the music you are representing has an ironclad agreement so that no one else can reap profits off work you own.

Vying with lawyers and music artists as well as a variety of industry bigs can be confusing if you are unaware of existing copyright laws and issues and how to go about creating a contract that assures that you will be the one that is reaping the royalties from any music that is under your publication banner.

Being a savvy businessperson and not just a music lover is imperative if you are to succeed in the independent music publishing business. A love of music helps, but it is even more important that you have some knowledge as to how the independent music industry works so that you can avoid any pitfalls and loss of revenue

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