Songwriting tips for beginners, be true to your character.

Songwriting tips for beginners. Here’s a tip for all you beginning song lyrics writers out there.

I’ve seen so many great songs, with a great melody, but I just feel there is something wrong. When I analyze the song further, I often find the reason is the action of the main character in the story. Is this a problem in your songs? Keep reading:-)

When you’re writing song lyrics, remember one important thing. The action of the character should be true to the character. What I mean by this is that the main character in your story should never do anything this type of person never does. For example, if the character is a person with no education, it is not likely this character will remember the life in campus at the university.

If you write about a person who are 20 years old, it will be odd if he has some in depth insight into the truth of life, or has some wisdom that most old people have.

Another thing could be the language of the main person in your song. A grandma would probably not use street language like a new your gangster, or a ten year old boy would never talk about the stock market. Steven Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics for West side Story, said in an interview that he’s not happy with his lyrics. The reason for this is that the main characters in the musical would never use so sophisticated language he wrote.

These are very obvious examples, but it could also be on a more subtle level. So always ask yourself, Is this something this person would do in real life?

This is a songwriting tips for beginners, but it should also be taken into consideration by professional writers. Many professionals have been refused by publishers because their main character in the song is not true to its character.

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