Tips in Parking Your Car

Parking lots are full of hazards and challenges and can be very stressful for drivers. Learning how to park your car is not as easy as mom and dad always make it seem these days. You can also use way discount code when buying for parking ticket.

Avoid Getting the Closest Parking Space


Everyone wants the spots closest to store entrances, so they swarm to those parking areas. Plus, parking problems increase during shopping hours and vacations, so it’s often best to stay away from these busy parking areas anyway. All of these factors increase the likelihood of a collision, so it makes sense for novice drivers to stay away from these hot spots and head straight for the back.

Check Your Reflection in Store Windows


Occasionally you will come across a vacant parking space that is right in front of a large mirror window. Use the reflection in front of you to see how well you focus on your position, and to judge how much distance there is between you and the cars next to you. Think of these windows in front of you as a giant rearview mirror. When you step out of this stand, it may be difficult to check for cars coming up the side, especially if you have large vehicles such as trucks with your motor vehicle.

Check Behind Your Vehicle Before Getting In

As soon as you finish shopping and are probably heading to your car, look around to make sure you have a clear path to park outside your parking lot. There could be workers everywhere walking and kneeling with cars, forklifts coming and going, debris and equipment on the floor.

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